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Peg and Uan, and other Kelpies pets

Posted on 04/10/2017 in Alan Dapre Isla & Pickle Kate McLelland Peg and Uan Porridge the Tartan Cat Ruby McCracken Sandra Klaassen

In Peg and Uan: Making Friends, these two cute Kelpies characters meet for the first time. But did you know that the adorable Peg the Little Sheepdog and Uan the Lamb were based on illustrator Sandra Klaassen’s real pets?

Peg and Uan - Porridge the Tartan CatLots of our other Kelpies characters are pets too, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you!

Porridge the Tartan Cat

We all know that Porridge isn’t really a pet – he’s the boss of the McFun family and is there to lend a paw when things go wrong. He’s always getting himself into bagpipe-blasting, balloon-riding, baddie-busting adventures. But he also loves getting spoiled with a fishy biscuit or two.

Colin the hamster

As well as being a gifted acrobat, Colin the hamster is an essential member of the Museum Mystery Squad. Despite not being able to talk (or type), Colin gives Kennedy, Nabster and Laurie bright ideas to help them crack their cases. Some even think he’s the smartest member of the team!


When Isla asks her dad for a pet, he suggests a guinea pig, a goldfish and even a rabbit instead. But Isla knows that Pickle the Shetland pony would make the best pet of all. He’s great at cutting the grass, playing knights and unicorns, and even helping Isla eat up all her vegetables. Pickle isn’t just a pet, he’s a best friend.


What’s a witch without her cat? Much like Porridge, Vronsky isn’t exactly a pet – he’s the familiar for Ruby McCracken and her family. But since familiars are magical creatures, odd things can happen, especially if they have to move into the world of the Ords. (That’s the Ordinaries to you and me.) How will Vronsky cope with being tragic without magic?


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About the books

Peg and UanPeg and Uan: Making Friends, illustrated by Sandra Klaassen, is available now.

Want to find out more about our favourite pets? You can read all about them in these Kelpies books.

Porridge the Tartan Cat cat-alogues the McFun family’s meow-nificent story in this zany series for young readers.

Join the Museum Mystery Squad as they investigate Moving Mammoths, Curious Coins and more.

Meet a feisty wee girl and her cheeky pet pony in Isla & Pickle: Best Friends.

Find out what happens to Vronsky the familiar in Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic.

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