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Wee Granny’s Guide to Pirate Lingo

Posted on 31/05/2018 in Fun Stuff Wee Granny

Get ready for excitement and surprises as Wee Granny (Scotland’s very own Mary Poppins!) and her magic tartan bag set off on another adventure. This time, tharr be pirates!

As Wee Granny and the children set off on their pirate-tastic adventure, we’re brushing up on our pirate lingo! Read on to learn about some of our favourite pirate words and phrases. How many can you spot in the book?

Move your mouse over each word to discover the meaning!







Jolly Roger




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About the Book

Wee Granny's Magic Bag and the Pirates

Wee Granny is going on holiday with Emily and Harry to Arran but they’ve missed the ferry. Don’t worry; Wee Granny’s got just the thing in her magic bag – a rowing boat!

But shiver me timbers, on their journey they meet Captain Shoogle and his pirate crew.

Does Wee Granny have anything in her magic bag to help the pirates find their buried treasure? You’ll never guess what unbelievable thing she’ll pull out next!

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