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Isla & Pickle Activity Pack

Posted on 29/06/2018 in Isla & Pickle Kate McLelland

It’s official – our favourite Shetland pony is back! And what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new book in the Isla & Pickle series than with some creative and crafty activities. Dive in this summer with the Isla & Pickle Summer Fun Activity Book! Created by Kate McLelland to accompany the Isla & Pickle picture books, Kate’s activity pack is free and easy to download. You can learn how to draw Pickle the pony, with colouring in, maze searches, maths puzzles and more fun things to do over the summer holidays.

Isla & Pickle Activity Pack - Kate McLelland

Activity Pack - Isla & Pickle - Kate McLelland



Missed the Isla & Pickle blog tour action? Fear not! Read our latest #FlorisDesign interview here. Kate shares her love of folk music, ice cream, her sister and explains why Pickle really is the perfect pony.


Isla & Pickle: The Highland Show

About Isla & Pickle

Isla & Pickle: The Highland Show is the second picture book in a new series about a feisty little girl, a cheeky Shetland pony and their adventures. Led by Pickle the pony, they get up to all sorts of mischief. Pickle loves escaping from his field and getting very messy! Perfect for any children with a penchant for ponies, this book is full of fun in the great outdoors. Bright, humorous illustrations are sure to make grown-ups smile and give wee ones the giggles.

Isla & Pickle

About the Author

Kate McLelland is an accomplished illustrator and printmaker. She trained in illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. She is the illustrator of bestselling picture book There Was a Wee Lassie Who Swallowed a Midgie and the My First Scottish board book collection.

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