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Pet Show Show-Off: Introducing Slomo the sloth!

Posted on 08/06/2018 in Alan Dapre Competitions Porridge the Tartan Cat

Huge congratulations to Jill Bennett, winner of our Porridge the Tartan Cat ‘Name A Character’ competition! Jill’s suggested name of Slomo was the favourite entry chosen by author Alan Dapre and the Kelpies team. We think Slomo fits in purr-fectly to the book and (of course) we all love the alliteration. Jill’s winning name will appear in Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Pet Show Show-Off, the grand finale of the series.Pet Show Show-Off - introducing Slomo

In our ‘Name A Character’ competition, we asked readers to pick a name for the sloth that appears as part of the Best Pet in Scotland Pet Show.

We had LOTS of suggested names in our competition. So, extra congratulations to our three runners up! We could tell that all of our entrants were huge Porridge the Tartan Cat fans – we spotted so many paw-fect names for the series.

Karen Taggart suggested Shona – a solid Scottish name, picking up on a braw Porridge theme. Kieron Murphy thought Lightning was a great, cheeky name fitting with Porridge’s tongue-in -cheek tone (and we did too)! And Lynne suggested Slowly the sloth – perfect alliteration that would’ve worked perfectly with Dino Dad, Groovy Gran and the Dug O’ Doom.

As well as Slomo appearing in the final book, Jill wins an art print of our super-slow sloth AND a full set of the Porridge the Tartan Catseries. That’s SIX a-MEOW-zing books. Our three runners up win a copy of the brand new Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Pet-Show Show Off.

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In this zany series from Alan Dapré, Porridge purrfectly CAT-a-logs the McFun family’s hilarious adventures. Meow-some illustrations are provided by Yuliya Somina.

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