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The Elsewhere Emporium: An exclusive extract!

Posted on 02/08/2018 in Extract Ross MacKenzie The Elsewhere Emporium The Nowhere Emporium

Are you ready?! The Elsewhere Emporium is published SIX WEEKS TODAY. To tide you over until then, we’re giving you lucky DiscoverKelpies fans an exclusive sneak peek of this Wonder-filled (get it?) new novel. In Ross MacKenzie’s highly anticipated sequel to The Nowhere Emporium, the ‘shop from nowhere’ gets a new look. Read on to find out more!

An exclusive extract from The Elsewhere Emporium

“So… you really like it?”

“I do.” Ellie smiled.

“Great! D’you see what I’ve done? The Emporium is so huge, and before it was all so dark and gloomy and… a bit scary to be honest. So I thought, what would make people happy? What would make them comfortable? What sort of place would they want to discover and enjoy? And then I thought, well everyone loves a carnival, don’t they? So here we are. Every single Wonder in a never-ending city of tents and stalls and rides. Look, over there’s the Leap of Faith, the first Wonder I ever saw, remember?”

Ellie laughed at her friend’s enthusiasm. “‘Course I do!”

“See that one there? With the coloured flags? That’s the lion-taming room. And the big gold tent over there? There’s a maze inside made of marshmallow. If you get lost you just eat your way out.”
Daniel stopped then, fished a golden pocket watch from inside his grey suit jacket. “Blimey, look at the time! We have to open up.”

In the very centre of the Carnival of Wonders stood a wrought iron archway, hung with a familiar pair of rich red velvet curtains. When Daniel and Ellie pushed through them, the sounds and smells of the carnival, the music, the dusky caramel sky all disappeared, and they were standing in the shop front. This had been the first part of the Nowhere Emporium Daniel had ever encountered, when he’d stumbled in accidentally off the street one day, and the sight of the uncountable number of treasures, the smell of dust, polish and old books, still made him smile, took him back to those exciting early days. The changes he was making inside the Emporium were necessary. The place was too big, too hard to navigate and control, but this was the one part he would never alter. It was perfect.

Daniel walked over to Mr Silver’s old desk and opened a drawer. He brought out a book bound in stiff black leather, the title shining up at him in golden letters.

The Elsewhere Emporium - Daniel Holmes book title


Internal illustration from The Elsewhere Emporium

More about The Elsewhere Emporium

The Elsewhere Emporium coverDiscover the highly anticipated sequel to Ross MacKenzie’s Blue Peter Best Story Award Winner The Nowhere Emporium. In The Elsewhere Emporium, an invisible criminal has stolen the legendary ‘shop from nowhere’. Can Daniel and Ellie save it before the mysterious culprit succeeds in their quest for revenge?

Haven’t had time to read The Nowhere Emporium yet? Don’t worry! You can pick it up here.

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