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Meet the Animal Adventure Club!

Posted on 08/02/2019 in Books Fun Stuff

If there’s a wild animal in trouble, the Animal Adventure Club is here to help! Isla, Buzz, Gracie and new girl Lexi love animals, and they love helping the rangers at their local nature reserve! Read on to meet the team, and find out all about their first adventure!

Isla McLeod

Isla is the de facto leader of the Animal Adventure Club. She’s positive, sensible and fair, and has a gentle sense of humour that helps lighten the mood when things get difficult. She is calm, quiet and has a real knack for looking after animals. Perhaps she gets it from her mum, who is a nurse at the local health centre.Animal Adventure Club - Isla

Gracie Munro

Gracie has a special interest in tracking and survival techniques… and she’s really good at it; think Girl Grylls! She’s bouncy and friendly and loves being in the outdoors.Animal Adventure Club - Gracie

Buzz Campbell

Buzz is loyal and caring, and wants to be a vet when he grows up. He’s affectionate, supportive and fun but always quite sensible. He’s a stickler for the rules.Animal Adventure Club - Buzz

Lexi Budge

Lexi is new to the area and desperately trying to fit in, but she definitely wants to be the leader, which doesn’t go down too well with the rest of the team. She’s only trying to impress them through! She has a secret talent for drawing, which comes in handy for making animal fact sheets!Animal Adventure Club - Lexi

Animal Adventure Club Code

Animal Adventure Club Code

The Baby Deer Rescue

Isla, Buzz and Gracie love looking after animals! When they find an adorable baby deer caught in a fence, the Animal Adventure Club set out on a rescue mission. But clumsy new girl Lexi keeps getting in their way. Can they work together to help the injured fawn?

Download an extract (pdf)


The Baby Otter Rescue

Animal Adventure Club: The Baby Otter RescueWhen Isla, Buzz, Gracie and Lexi find a cute baby otter alone in a flood, the Animal Adventure Club take care of him. Can they work together to pull off a risky rescue and help the little otter?

Download an extract (pdf)


The Baby Red Squirrel Rescue

Animal Adventure Club: The Baby Red Squirrel RescueWhen an island camping trip goes wrong, the Animal Adventure Club is stranded with three squirrel kits. Can the friends conquer their fears and rescue the baby squirrels?

Download an extract (pdf)

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