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Animal Adventure Club: Otter Fact File

Posted on 09/08/2019 in Books Fun Stuff

Illustration from The Baby Otter Rescue

How much do you know about otters? The Animal Adventure Club learned lots about these fascinating creatures in their latest adventure, The Baby Otter Rescue. Check out their awesome otter fact file below!

Otter Fact File

What are we called?

  • Male = Boar
  • Female = Sow
  • Babies = Cubs or Pups

What do we look like?

  • We have thick brown and white fur, webbed feet and a powerful tail called a rudder.
  • We have five toes on our paws.

Where do we live?

  • Different kinds of otters live all over the world, except Australia and Antarctica.
  • Otters found in Britain and Europe are called Lutra lutra.
  • You can find us in rivers, wetlands and along the coast.
  • Our homes are underground burrows called ‘holts’.
  • Out resting places, on the banks of rivers, are called ‘couches’.

What do we like to eat?

  • Illustration from The Baby Otter RescueWe eat fish, water birds, insects, crustaceans and amphibians.

What do we sound like?

  • We make lots of different noises!
  • We chirp when we want to find each other.
  • We grunt or snarl when we’re cross.
  • We hiss or yelp when we’re worried.
  • We purr and squeal when we’re playing!

Fun Facts

  • Illustration from The Baby Otter RescueWe are shy animals.
  • We don’t know how to swim when we’re babies. Our mums teach us when we’re about 10 weeks old.
  • We can close our noses and ears when we swim underwater.
  • Our droppings are called spraints. They contain fish bones and smell like jasmine tea!

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