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Thorfinn the Nicest Viking: Piebald’s Potion Maker

Posted on 19/03/2020 in Fun Stuff

Piebald's Potion Maker

In the latest prank-playing, turnip-mashing, bunny-kidnapping adventure, Thorfinn the nicest Viking must find a cure for Chief Harald, who has been poisoned by a putrid sleeping potion! Follow the simple steps below to create your very own putrid potion!

1. Your last name

The first part of your potion is your last name – easy!

2. The day you were born

What day of the month were you born? Find out which word makes up the second part of your potion name.

  1. 1. SnitIllustration from Thorfinn and the Putrid Potion
  2. 2. Jinx
  3. 3. Blight
  4. 4. Bother
  5. 5. Trouble
  6. 6. Blast
  7. 7. Twinge
  8. 8. Woe
  9. 9. Piddle
  10. 10. Flip
  11. 11. Wink
  12. 12. Bane
  13. 13. Pulp
  14. 14. Snipe
  15. 15. Sorrow
  16. 16. Thingummy
  17. 17. TwistIllustration from Thorfinn and the Putrid Potion
  18. 18. Pang
  19. 19. Boogie
  20. 20. Widdle
  21. 21. Burden
  22. 22. Pump
  23. 23. Ruin
  24. 24. Plague
  25. 25. Wrinkle
  26. 26. Curse
  27. 27. Poop
  28. 28. Spin
  29. 29. Snub
  30. 30. Stitch
  31. 31. Bilge

3. The month you were born

Which month were you born? That gives you the effect of your potion!

January: Weeping warts
February: Galloping eyebrows
March: Purple wee
April: Transform into a moose
May: Musical farts
June: MOO like a cow
July: Hair like worms
August: Uncontrollable dancing
September: Flaming burps
October: Everything you eat tastes like smelly socks
November: Tremendously itchy bottom
December: Speak in gobbledygook

For example…

David MacPhail was born on the 22nd of May so his potion is:

MacPhail's Pump (for musical farts)

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Thorfinn and the Putrid Potion

Thorfinn and the Putrid Potion


You might think all Vikings are ROUGH, TOUGH, MEAN, HAIRY and SMELLY.
But Thorfinn is no ordinary Viking!

When his dad, Chief Harald, is poisoned by a putrid sleeping potion, Thorfinn and his friends journey to Scotland to get help from the world’s best potion-maker.

Can Thorfinn the Nicest Viking find the antidote and wake Harald before power-hungry Ragwich takes control of the village?


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