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How to Make a Book

Posted on 27/08/2020 in Features for Teachers Fun Stuff

Have you ever wondered how a book gets made? Our friends at Bell & Bain printers sent us this brilliant video of An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland in their super-impressive binding machine!

An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland

An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland

Discover fascinating facts about Scotland’s most famous and most surprising animals in this beautifully illustrated hardback. Click here to download an extract (pdf) to see Anders Frang’s amazing animals for yourself!

Did you know?
— Common dolphins have 100 razor-sharp teeth on each jaw.
— A midgie’s wings beat 1,000 times per second.
— A peregrine falcon can dive at 200 miles per hour.
— A pipistrelle bat weighs less than a 2p coin.
— A badger can eat 200 worms a night.

This fabulous book is packed with fun facts and brilliant maps, as well as ideas for helping animals and tips for spotting wildlife yourself.

A must-have for all young explorers!

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