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An inside look at Lily McLean’s diary!

Posted on 17/04/2015 in Kelpies Prize 2014 Lindsay Littleson

With just under a week left until the publication of Lindsay Littleson’s The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean, how is Lily feeling about it all? Take a sneak peek into Lily’s own personal diary and find out for yourself!

Dear Diary,

I am very, very excited about the book coming out next week, but my nerves are jangling.

Agggh! I can’t believe I just wrote that. If I’m going to be a famous author when I grow up then I’ll need to stop writing rubbish. Nerves don’t jangle. Tambourines jangle. Nerves carry messages to the brain. But the point is – I’m very, very nervous.

I don’t mind readers finding out about my family and how mixed up they are. I expect lots of kids have annoying brothers, though probably not quite as annoying as mine. And surely I’m not the only girl in the world with a bossy Gran and a moody teenage sister?

LittlesonMixedUpSummerLilyMcLean-3dI’m pleased that readers will get to come on holiday with Gran and me to Millport. It’s a lovely wee place and the marshmallow ice creams at the Ritz cafe are totally delicious. But the big, enormous problem is that my deepest, darkest secret is about to be revealed. The secret I can’t even tell my best friend, because if I do she’ll think I’m nuts. Because ghosts don’t exist, do they? And the trouble with the non-existence of ghosts is that either I’m being haunted or I’m going crazy.

Lots of love,

Uncover mysterious goings-on and discover Lily’s secret from Thursday 23rd April.


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