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Features for Teachers: Ruby McCracken Activity Pack

Posted on 15/12/2017 in Elizabeth Ezra Features for Teachers Ruby McCracken

Are you looking for some Ruby Mc-Cracking activities for your classroom? Then look no further than this Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic activity pack!

Based on Elizabeth Ezra‘s author events, these fun activities are a great way to help pupils engage with the book and get their creative juices flowing!

The activity pack includes:

  • Spell-writing workshop exploring rhyming couplets
  • Creative writing prompts
  • Printable Ruby McCracken bunting to decorate your classroom or library

Download the Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic activity pack.

Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without MagicMore about Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic

Ruby McCracken’s life is OVER. Her parents have forced her to move to the Ordinary World and that means — new home, new school and worst of all, no magic! Seriously?! A witch without magic? That’s LITERALLY tragic.

Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic by Elizabeth Ezra is available now!

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