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Features for Teachers: Roman Riddles

Posted on 23/04/2018 in Features for Teachers

Looking for a fun way to introduce the Romans to your class? Mike Nicholson and the Museum Mystery Squad are here to help with a Roman Riddle!

In Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Roman Riddle, the Squad investigate ancient treasure, mystery mosaics and suspicious centurions to try to solve a spooky problem. Could there really be a ghost in the museum? Packed full of fun facts, red herrings, and zany illustrations by Mike Phillips, The Case of the Roman Riddle makes a great introduction to the topic as a class reader.

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Roman Riddle

We’ve created some free class activity sheets based on the book. Click the buttons below to download!

Download your free Roman numerals activity sheet

Help Kennedy figure out some important dates from history using Roman numerals.

Download your free Roman inventions quiz

Nabster can’t believe how many Roman inventions are still used today. See how well your class does in our Roman inventions quiz!

Download your free Looking for Latin wordsearch

There are lots of words we still use today that came from Roman times. Help the squad find some common Latin words in our wordsearch!

Download the Roman Riddle Answer sheet

Download your complete Roman Riddle classroom activity pack

More about Museum Mystery Squad

Museum Mystery Squad and the Case of the Roman Riddle by Mike Nicholson is available now! Other books in Mike Nicholson’s Museum Mystery Squad series include the Case of the Moving Mammoth, the Case of the Hidden Hieroglyphics and the Case of the Curious Coins.

We can offer special deals on class sets. If you’d like more information, please get in touch.

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