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Fabled Beasts Chronicles Books 1-4 Bundle

First Aid for Fairies, Wolf Notes, Storm Singing and Maze Running

Lari Don


Range: Kelpies Paperback 1040 pages 198 x 130 mm ISBN: 9781782502968 Publication date: 1st November 2014
Exclusive to the Kelpies website! Save nearly £8 with this best-value bundle of all four books in the award-winning series: First Aid for Fairies and other Fabled Beasts, Wolf Notes and other Musical Mishaps, Storm Singing and other Tangled Tasks, and Maze Running and other Magical Missions.

Please note that this is a bundle of the physical print books (for the eBook omnibus, please click on the cover in the carousel below).

It's not every day a grumpy, injured centaur appears on your doorstep.

When Yann clip clops into Helen's life looking for a horse healer she decides to help him even though she's not exactly a vet.

And that's just the beginning. . . Helen's first aid kit comes in very handy when she meets Yann's friends -- a gang of fabled beasts with a habit of getting into trouble.

Together Helen and the fabled beasts -- a fairy, a dragon, a phoenix, a werewolf and even a selkie -- must battle minotaurs, wrestle with wolves, fight faeries, solve riddles and travel across Scotland on a series of ever more dangerous quests.

Enter the world of the Fabled Beasts in this exciting four-book fantasy adventure series.

Fabled Beasts Chronicles Books 1-4 Bundle


Lari Don has worked in politics and broadcasting, but is now a full-time writer and storyteller. She grew up in the north-east of Scotland, and lives in Edinburgh. She is the author of more than 20 children’s books for all ages from picture books and…

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